Activators is both practical and thought provoking for anyone committed to making a difference through their leadership. Mark Green opens with a simple yet profound question: “What really holds us back?” He delivers the answers through an accessible blend of science and storytelling while providing practical, easy-to-use tools to overcome invisible patterns of thinking that undermine our leadership and results.”

Marshall Goldsmith
The New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers,
and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“This book is an excellent catalyst for any leader to make better decisions and realize your intentions and goals sooner.  Mark has done a great job in creating practical and actionable tools to help you unlock and master your “business mind.” Read Activators to become the leader you envision!”

Shannon Susko, Serial Entrepreneur, Strategic Execution Expert,
Best-Selling Author of The Metronome Effect and 3HAG Way, CEO Coach

Activators is both practical and thought provoking. Green not only provides how leaders can get more done, but why we might be struggling in the first place. A clever combination of science and business that really gets you thinking and ready to take action.”

Hazel Jackson, CEO, Biz Group,
United Arab Emirates

“Buy this book now. Read the first 30 pages before you sleep tonight. If you are not compelled to take action immediately, you are unique in not having potential to grow and make greater impact. In that case, give Activators to friend or colleague who — unlike you — is truly open-minded and hungry to learn!

Activators is provocatively positive for anyone committed to making a difference through their leadership. Mark’s principles, tools, and thought processes have made a vital difference to my work with leaders and high-performing teams around the world.”

Paul O’Kelly, Founder – & O’KellySutton,
Partner at Kennedy Insights, Ireland

“Over the past 9 years, I have observed and gotten to know Mark as his coach, mentor and fellow teacher. Today, due to his experience, growth and success, he is now my mentor, teacher and coach. The work of Activators comes from rigorous research blended with Mark’s personal experience, success, and direct observations of why and how CEOs succeed or fail. Activators is a key work for all CEOs to digest, implement and internalize.”

Keith Cupp, CEO
Gravitas Impact
(formerly Gazelles International)

“There’s plenty of “what to do” and “how to do it” leadership content out there, yet very little about “why” things don’t get done. Activators unearths the invisible mechanisms of underperformance — our unconscious fears, habits, and beliefs — that hold us back. Don’t think this applies to you? Think again, then use these practical and effective tools to get out of your own way.”

Kevin Lawrence, Author of Your Oxygen Mask First,
Advisor to CEOs + Executive Teams, Speaker

“With Activators, Mark has identified a clear pathway for CEOs to truly become the leaders they hope to be.”

Brad Giles, founder Evolution Partners
and author of The 5 Roles of a CEO, Austrailia

“Mark’s success in helping companies go from “ordinary” to “extraordinary” lies in a solid process he has laid out in Activators. Everybody has a few of the pieces to the puzzle, but we struggle to achieve our aspiration from our perspiration. Mark’s process bridges those missing gaps and allows you to not only scale your business, but to do it more profitably!”

Greg Crabtree,
Author of Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits

“Identical to his coaching style, Mark mixes his vast knowledge of business strategies with a sophisticated understanding of human psychology into a winning recipe for success. Activators will help you overcome the unconscious mechanisms that cause each of us as leaders to underperform.”

Ryan Sasson, CEO,
Strategic Financial Solutions

“Mark has touched a nerve in all of us. We know what we need to do and how to do it, but we’re just not getting it done. He makes us dig deep to figure out why. Activators is practical with useful tools that will absolutely improve your decision-making and execution, both professionally and personally.”

Jill Belconis, CEO – Jill Belconis Enterprises,
YPO International Chairman 2010-11

Activators will challenge assumptions you have made about yourself and what you can accomplish. Only read it if you have a serious thirst for learning and growth, as this book will reframe some of your preconceived notions about what it means to be successful in your own life. A great read with impactful tools for personal and professional growth.”

Brandon Dempsey, Partner,

“The tools in Activators will put your mind at ease. Mark breaks down hard and complicated decisions in a simple way that can be life-changing. You know what to do and what is best for your company. Through Activators Mark will help you get there and bring it home.”

Christian D. Giordano, President,
Mancini-Duffy Architecture + Design

“We often fall short of what we want to achieve or don’t act in a way we know is best, sabotaging ourselves and our organizations. In Activators, Mark describes how our motivators, beliefs and habits contribute to our own limitations and frustrations and then provides ways to overcome these unconscious mechanisms that hold us back. Mark is one of the leading business coaches in the world today and the practical tools he shares in the book have proven results in helping CEOs become the leaders they envisioned themselves to be.”

Graham Mitchell, CEO,
GROW, South Africa

“As our coach for the past four years, Mark transformed our thinking and our ability to perform as leaders. We have grown and, as a direct result, the business has grown. Much of what he’s taught us is wrapped up neatly in Activators. Don’t think this is just for CEOs; your entire leadership team should read this book.”

David Schnurman, CEO, Lawline,
Entrepreneurs Organization New York President 2018-19

“One of the biggest challenges our clients face is the fear associated with making a change they “know” they should make, but keep putting off. Mark’s book and system is my guide for helping them face their fears, get really clear about what they want, and make the changes happen so they can get back to growing their business and personal freedom which is our mission at FreeScale. The process in Activators works for all sizes and types of companies while being easy to learn and durable. Simply put – it just works!”

Richard Manders, Co- Founder,
FreeScale Coaching Systems

“Mark Green, himself an inspiring model of Activators, addresses the fundamentals that all CEOs need to excel in both personal and professional growth. This book is a straightforward guide with easy and effective tools to maximize your potential and have a powerful impact on your life and on those around you. What more could you possibly want?”

– Cleo Maheux, Sr GI Coaches,
Translator & Publisher of Scaling-Up in French

“I successfully applied many of the concepts described in Activators twice – as CEO of a large multinational business and then as CEO of a mid-market high-growth firm. Mark’s principles work because he enables leaders to focus on the blindspots in their minds that they cannot see.”

Boris Levin, CEO,
Mott Corporation

“There are a great variety of tools available for people leading scaling up companies, but they all lack one thing: “what truly holds us back?” Activators provides the answers to this question along with very practical tools to make your thinking clearer and more productive.”

Pieter van Osch, Founder and CEO,
Scale Up Company, Netherlands

Activators provides a set of practical, easy-to-use tools that allow you to
think more clearly, unleashing your mindset and therefore your results”

Rony Zagursky, CEO,
Adaptable – Coaching Your Experience, Mexico

“Having had the great pleasure of being mentored by Mark, I am deeply impressed with how well Activators captures his rich and comprehensive experience. Mark’s coaching helped me put many of the eight Activators in practice and they were game changers for my business. Genuine, thoughtful, and easy to follow, Activators encompasses Mark’s ability to unleash potential in others — as if you’re sitting in the same room talking together! You will find simple and effective guidance that will spark the next level of your personal and professional growth.”

Michelle LaVallee, International Talent Advisor
and Certified Topgrading Coach, Chile / China